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Rachael Thorogood


 After twenty-eight years service to the NHS, I have made the break to concentrate on my true passion. I have always had a deep affinity with nature and have illustrated this over the years through my creativity; painting landscapes, furniture renovation and sculpting aspects of nature out of wire.

Wire sculpture has further connected my love of nature. Using wire is the perfect medium in capturing the fragility and movement of birds and wildlife. It is akin to a graphite line, simple yet provocative.

Most of the wire I use would have been destined for waste, instead it gives me the opportunity to make something beautiful that would have otherwise been overlooked. I also incorporate free embroidery into my work to layer the magnificent colours and textures that are observed in birdlife.

Each creation has been made whilst listening to bird song starting off as a graphite drawing culminating to what you see today. A lead ring houses a unique reference number, an artist stamp and is chronologically catalogued.

Last year has seen me take part in Open Studios, selected by Cheltenham Festivals and Sunday Times for Literature Festival exhibition, which featured ‘An Old Cheltonian’ and the Elemental exhibition in Broadway, Worcestershire.

I am happy to take commissions if there is a specific bird that is required.

2017 Exhibitions:

Nature In Art, Twigworth
The Little Picture Gallery, Mousehole, Cornwall
Suffolk Anthology
Cheltenham Open Studios, Venue 52.
The Times and Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival Art Exhibition “Who do we think we are?” – Gardens Gallery featuring ‘ An Old Cheltonian’
Altitude Exhibition – Montpellier Gardens Gallery November 2017 – Sell out.
Elemental Exhibition, Little Buckland Gallery, Worcestershire November 2017

2018 Exhibitions and projects:

Migration Swift Project with Pitville Secondary School and Gloucester University Dec – Feb 2018
Commission for Cheltenham College
Commission for Pitville Secondary School
Stroud International Textiles exhibition May 2018
Sculpture exhibition Miserdon, Stroud April-June 2018

2019 projects:

Cheltenham Open Studios