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Laurence Belbin


Born in Romsey Hampshire Laurence is self taught with guidance and ‘tips’ from other artists on the way. He began drawing and painting at a very early age, the one good thing he could do at school. He began exhibiting his work in 1974.
A full time artist since 1989, he works mainly in oil.
He paints ‘plein air’ all year round concentrating on light, line
and colour.

“ I have noticed that my work has changed quiet considerably in my eyes over the years I’ve been painting. It’s a continual process to move my work on and evolve and develop as an artist. I believe ‘honestly’ is the way to paint. Only you, the painter, would know that what you have produced is truthful and painted with feeling.”

He believes in traditional draughtsmanship as a basis to work from but is happy to manipulate and distort reality to achieve the end result if that is what is needed.

“ As an artist I am always trying to find ways of painting the feelings I get when stood in front of my subject, this means adjusting colours and tones to achieve the effect I want. I am always looking at ways to simplify shapes and brushwork.”

He has exhibited at the RWA and many shows at the Mall Galleries as well as exhibiting in galleries throughout the South West in mixed and individual shows.