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john Bampfield

John Bampfield

I was born in 1947 in Kidderminster, famous for carpet manufacturing, where I grew up.
I started to paint when I moved to Cornwall in 1969, where I decided to live.
My work has been widely distributed throughout the UK and abroad, and is presently on show in only in a few selected galleries.
My main influences over my career include J.M.W. Turner, The French Impressionists, and Constable. Oil was my predominant medium for a long time, but I now prefer to work in acrylics, which I find quicker drying, cleaner to use, less harmful to skin, lungs and the environment, and equally as effective as oil, with regard to colour and texture.
I have one painting in a public collection, but take delight in the fact that most of my paintings are hanging on the walls of people in their homes, or offices.

This is a wonderful world that we live in and share, I just try to convey that, and the feeling of being fully alive.