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Holly Wojahn

“Holly Wojahn has been making a living with her art for twenty five years. However, moving with her three children to France two decades ago impacted her work permanently.

Immediately upon arriving in Paris, Holly was accepted by Galerie Breheret, one of the longest running and most prestigious galleries in Paris. The gallery boasts a list of past artists that include Picasso and Chagall. The charmed life in Paris inspired and informed Holly’s art, urging her toward a brighter palette, in stark contrast to the Grey skies of the otherwise enchanting city. Although Holly’s originals had already been represented by Galleries in Japan, Canada and the USA, Galerie Breheret began selling her work immediately and consistently.

The distinctive styles of figurative works by Picasso, Modigliani and Botero, have left indelible marks on Holly, although her own artistic style is very specific, and identifiable. Holly’s passion for, and buoyant outlook on life, her characteristic “Joie do Vivre” infuse her paintings; whether a typical Parisian street scene, or a seaside port. Colour is key, inanimate objects seem animated and delightful details fill each image.

Today Holly’s work is represented by several Galleries in France and the USA and in Brussels. In addition, Holly’s work has been featured in many National and International Home Décor Magazines, such as “Romantic Homes”, and France’s “Arts Programmes”.

Holly currently divides her time between California and the south of France. Besides her fine art, Holly illustrates the “Bon, Bon Voyage” series of Children’s books that she Co-Authors with her Daughter, Kirby.

Holly is happy to take on commissions painting people’s own quilts and houses.and gardens.”